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Shandong Kougin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd


           Shandong Kougin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise in Dezhou city with registered capital of 50 million RMB, established in April 2010. The company is located in the south of Xingguo street, Lingcheng district, it  covers an area of 52000 square meters. Now we have got 4 senior experts, 63 senior research staff and 110 other staff, mainly engaged in research and development of LED solid optoelectronic technology, R&D, production and sales of LED light source encapsulation, new LED lighting application products, LED green power etc.



        Strong industrial foundation


         At the beginning of the company, we determined that “high starting point, high standard” will be our goal and development direction. We aimed to be the leader of the LED industry in China,  took the international advanced LED enterprise as the benchmark,  invested a lot of special funds in the process of LED products manufacturing to build strong industrial strength.


         In order to manufacture high quality LED light source and lighting products, we use non-dust totally enclosed workshop, it has constant temperature and humidity throughout the year and purification grade of the workshop reach to Class 100,000.


         The life of LED lamps and their energy-saving performance mainly depends on the LED encapsulation and power supply. To guarantee the high quality of our LED products, their long use life, and excellent energy-saving performance, we launched the LED encapsulation production line and the LED green power production line before building the production line of the finished products, and we introduced the international advanced R&D and production equipments 78 sets from Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore etc. our technology is in the domestic leading level. We can produce the LED encapsulation products 907KK, terminal LED lighting lamps and lanterns 120,000 sets a year.


       Continuing research innovation


       We insist on the idea of "technological innovation, leading the future.", cooperated with many universities and research institutions, such as Institute of solid state laser of Tsinghua University, Electrical and electronic test center of Tsinghua University, Materials engineering of  Harbin Institute of Technology, Institute of crystal materials Shandong University. And also established the domestic advanced solid optoelectronic technology and application engineering laboratory, which attracted many technical experts in LED optoelectronic industry from Tsinghua University, Shandong University to join and work with us. So now we have strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities in solid optoelectronic, LED light source and finished products, and also have a professional and technical team nearly one hundred person. 


        Meanwhile, we set up special funds to motivate employees invention and promote the development of enterprise innovation. At present, the company has more than 40 key projects of independent R&D, more than 160 kinds of new products result from scientific research  transformation, has obtained  42 national patents, such as patent of LED welding machines, white LED  used in the reflector cup etc., including 1 invention patents, 37 patents of utility models and 4 appearance patents. As of September 2014, the company has already declared 34 patent for utility models, 13 invention patents, 3 appearance patents. Authorities had accepted all these patents application.


        Our strong R&D strength fully recognized and supported by the government. In July 2011, we undertake the construction of the project "Annual output of 90 million LED encapsulation products industrialization", this project was listed in energy-saving key project in the year 2012, and listed in the country budget investment plan to those "circular economy and resource saving major demonstration projects". In April 2013, we carried out the "New type of ultra-thin thermoelectric separation light-emitting diodes (leds) " project, this project was listed in "Shandong province science and technology enterprise technology innovation fund” plan in the year 2013. In June 2013, this project was listed in the fourth batch of technical innovation projects in Shandong province.


        Extensive marketing network


        In order to expand the market, we set up branches and offices in Beijing, Jinan, Urumqi Xinjiang province and other cities, we also set up marketing agencies, such as the commercial and industrial lighting division, civil lighting division etc. Our sales network covers most of the LED lighting market in northern China. At the same time, the company set up more extensive sales network and platform in domestic and overseas, to sell our products to abroad and become a famous brand. 


         By 2013, the company has implemented more than 50 large and medium-sized lighting renovation projects, projects such as Japan Aeon supermarket group, Tianjin Aeon supermarket, Jiangning convention and exhibition center, Shanghai landscape street, The U.S. embassy outdoor lighting, Hengfeng group, Dezhou television, Times square of DEBAI Group, Tengda road and many other roads of Ling County, and the office building of Ling County government etc. Feedback from so many projects and customers prove good quality, excellent energy-saving performance and low cost of our products, and our good pre-sale and after-sale service won good reputation for us.




        In 2011, acquired ISO9001 quality management system certificate and CE certificate for electrical products.


        In June 2012, our "solid optoelectronic technology and application engineering laboratory" was identified as municipal engineering laboratory in Dezhou city. In July 2012, was identified as Dezhou  new high-tech enterprises. In September, was named "Dezhou credit enterprise".

  2014年5月,路灯、隧道灯产品通过国家交通部“交通产品认证”; 6月,产品通过国家质量认证中心“CCC”“CQC”、节能认证和GJB9001国军标管理体系认证”;7月,产品列入国家第十六期 “节能产品政府采购清单”目录;10月,通过国家矿用设备检测检验中心检测颁发防爆合格证,通过了ISO14001环境管理体系认证和OHSAS18001职业健康安全管理体系认证。

        In May 2014, street light and tunnel light acquired "traffic product certification" issued by The Ministry of Transportation China. In June, acquired quality certification "CCC","CQC", energy saving certification and GJB9001 certification, which used for National military standard series".  In July, the product was listed in the directory of "government purchasing list of energy saving products". In October, have been approved the flame-proof certification issued by National mining equipment inspection center, and also been approved  the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.


        Our Vision


        Our company will consider "to advocate green lighting revolution, to promote energy saving and emissions reduction, to achieve low carbon life" as own duty, insist on the idea of "technological innovation, leading the future" to develop high-end brand in LED lighting industry and build the LED green lighting industrial base in northern China, promote the rapid and sound development of China's green lighting industry.